About Us


Established in November 2019 and based out of Atlanta Georgia, where the brand was launched out of the founder's apartment garage.

Indie & Beau is an exclusively online young women's clothing store set to deliver a unique yet on trend collection of items that allow young women to feel great in their own skin while heavily and unapologetically showcasing their personalities. Our goal is to use our media presence to empower young women not only to wear whatever they want, but to be whoever the hell they want. As we continue to grow this year we will be expanding our size ranges to be more inclusive to women of all shapes and sizes. 

We recently introduced major brand BOYS LIEwe are one of the few specialty stores with access to the brand and can barely keep it in stock - as well as MOTEL ROCKS, BILLINI, and our latest obsession THE RAGGED PRIEST will be making it’s debut to our site in 2021.



Our team and models are made up of real young women and students from our surrounding communities and colleges here in Atlanta. Our brand was founded with the ultimate goal to encourage and empower young women within our community. If you are located in the Atlanta area and would like to model for Indie & Beau, fill out an application here or shoot us an email hello@indieandbeau.com with the title 'Model Call'.



We source product through various well known brands as well as manufacturers in the LA fashion district - we do not source through manufacturers who have questionable practices. To ensure there is no wasted product left over, we order product in small quantities. Typically, we carry 6 pieces of each style at a time. Our goal is to carry unique, quality pieces at reasonable prices.